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About Waldorf, MD Attorney Patrick D. Troxler, ESQ.

Patrick D. Troxler is the founder of Voice Law, LLC. He received his Law Degree from Howard University School of Law and Bachelor’s Degree from Morgan State University. Mr. Troxler has gained vast experience in the legal arena over his career. Along with a vast array of legal experience, Mr. Troxler served over 12 years in the United States Air Force Reserve.

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Being a life long resident of Waldorf, Maryland as well as having his office centrally located in Waldorf, Maryland Patrick is able to connect and offer genuine legal advice to fellow Southern Marylanders.

Whether you have been injured in an auto accident or accused of a crime, Patrick D. Troxler and the folks at Voice Law, LLC will be your legal voice.

What We Do

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With focus, we chose to concentrate majorly on cases that involve injury law. It is this focus that has helped us to gain extensive knowledge in car accident and personal injury cases, among others.

We are well experienced and versed in insurance related laws and this helps us fight for our clients correctly with the benefit of obtaining fair compensation within the law.

Just as any person who has ever won a personal injury lawsuit with the aid of an experienced attorney knows, there is usually a quantifiable advantage to having a qualified or seasoned trial lawyer fighting for your case and best interest. Our well trained and experienced attorney has far reaching knowledge of Waldorf MD personal injury laws, and also those of the state insurance statutes. With several years of courtroom experience, our auto accident lawyers in Waldorf MD have the necessary skills required to best negotiate fair compensation.

While insurance companies would love to take advantage of you so you don’t get properly compensated, our attorneys will fight for you so you win over the defendant and the firm.

Since only a handful of individuals have satisfactory understanding of Waldorf MD personal injury decrees to negotiate a productive settlement, our well-trained and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys can help you reach an acceptable settlement.

Get The Justice You Deserve

Most people don’t even know what they are legally entitled to as a victim in conditions as this. Hence, the odds of being taken advantage of by an insurance firm is high. However, when you have an advocate who knows the law inside and out, this can offer you significant advantage and better chance of reaching a favorable settlement.

The ideal personal injury lawyer with requisite experience will be important if you are to have fair representation in a court of law. Our legal team is adequately skilled to help you legally argue any unfavorable settlement in court, so you can have peace of mind knowing confidently that you are well represented within law by a team that truly cares for your well-being.

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