Important Questions to Ask at Your Personal Injury Consultation

personal injury lawyer in meeting with client wearing neck brace If you’ve been injured and you believe your injuries are the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be wondering what you should do next. If it is someone else’s fault, it doesn’t seem right that you should have to pay for it yourself. The good news is you can come in to the offices of Patrick D. Troxler, Esq., for a free personal injury consultation, so that you can decide if your next step should be a lawsuit. Here are some important questions you should ask at your consultation.

Your personal injury consultation

A consultation with a lawyer can help you to decide if you want to sue for help with medical bills, to replace any lost income, and for pain and suffering. An experienced lawyer can tell you what to expect and can help you to determine your next step. You should come prepared to your appointment, with a list of questions you would like to have answered, questions such as:

• Do you think I have a case? If so, how much do you think my case may be worth?

• How long do you think it might take for my case to be resolved?

• Are there any local or state laws that might help my case?

• What can I do to help my case move along?

• Do cases similar to mine usually go to trial or settle out of court?

• If I decide to go ahead with a lawsuit, what will my role be?

• What will you do if we are offered a settlement that seems too low?

• Who can I contact at your firm if I have any more questions?

You might also have questions for your lawyer about their credentials and experience, such as:

• How long have you been practicing personal injury law?

• What percentage of your practice is devoted to personal injury law?

• What kinds of settlements have you received in the past in cases similar to mine?

Deciding whether or not to sue someone is a big decision. You need an attorney who is experienced in personal injury cases. Call Patrick D. Troxler, Esq., at 301-709-7195, for a free initial consultation today.

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