Keeping a Journal After a Car Accident

female driver taking photos of road traffic accident on mobile phone for insurance claim In the weeks after a car accident, there is a lot to deal with: police reports, insurance claims, and trying to find your way around town while your car is in the shop (or when it is no longer drivable). All of this, of course, is made even worse if you were also injured. Keeping an injury journal after you’ve been in a car accident can help you if you are interested in fighting for compensation.

Why Keep a Journal?

The aftermath of a car accident can be messy and life can get hectic. But if you are considering suing the other driver, you need to document everything you can about the accident and how it has changed your life.

Here are some things you would include in an injury journal:

  • Your recollection of the accident. As soon as possible, try to write down all that you remember about how the accident happened. Your memory of these events may fade pretty quickly, so it’s best to write it all down.
  • A summary of each day. Describing each day helps to show how your injuries and the stress of being in an accident are affecting you. Write down a description of events that you would usually be a part of but are missing out on, and be as specific as you can about your how your injuries are affecting you, both physically and mentally.
  • A list of people who help you. Do you have to rely on friends, relatives, or health care professionals to help you do things you could once do yourself? Listing what others do for you can show how your independence has suffered since your accident.

There is a lot to deal with after you’ve been in a car accident – keeping a journal can help you to show how the accident has affected every aspect of your life. But you don’t have to deal with the after-effects of a car accident on your own. To protect your rights, you need an experienced, compassionate attorney by your side. Contact Patrick D. Troxler, Esq., in Waldorf, Maryland, for a free consultation. Call 301-709-7195 today.

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