Were you in an accident caused by an unsecured truck load?

Collision of a semi truck with box trailer a passenger car Have you ever been behind a truck with a load that was obviously not secured well? Or even worse, have you been in an accident that was caused by debris flying off of a truck? If you have been injured in an accident because of loose cargo, someone should be held accountable.

Who is responsible?

Semi-trucking companies have strict standards they have to adhere to when it comes to securing loads, but drivers of other types of trucks have a responsibility to be safe as well. Pick-up trucks, flatbed trucks, dump trucks, and moving trucks all have to have properly secured loads, no matter how far the truck is traveling or how heavy the load is. Doors must be shut securely and cargo must be tied down – simply covering it with a tarp won’t do the job. If the tarp flies off the truck it can cause enough problems for other drivers, not to mention that what is underneath the tarp would be free to fall off the truck as well. Also, importantly, the right kind of truck should be used for the type of cargo it is trying to carry.

You have no power over how a truck’s load is secured, but you can drive defensively and always be aware of what is going on around you. Pay attention to any trucks around or in front of you and the loads they are carrying. Stay back from a truck with cargo that doesn’t look secured, and always be on the lookout for debris in the road that has fallen off of a truck.

There are many different moving parts to consider if you have been in an accident that was caused by an unsecured truck load. It can be difficult to prove that your accident was caused by an unsecured truck load and then to pinpoint exactly who is at fault – was it the driver or the company that loaded the truck? But you don’t have to figure it out alone. Call Patrick D. Troxler, Esq., a trusted and experienced attorney for help. Call 301-709-7195 for a free initial consultation today.

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