Truck Accidents

Truck accident injuries can be life-changing, and while you try to heal you may be taking care of family members who were injured in the same accident and even morning loved ones lost in the devastating crash. Truck accident cases are complex, and can pit you against large corporations, their insurance companies and their attorneys. You need an experienced truck accident attorney fighting for you all the way to trial. You deserve full compensation for your injuries.

Experienced Maryland truck accident attorney Patrick D. Troxler, Esq., is here to help you and your family get the full compensation you need for your medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering and more. Please do not hesitate to call and schedule you free consultation. Although he has a large team of professional support, you will always work directly with Patrick and will be able to reach him by phone 24/7 with your questions and concerns. The sooner you call, the sooner you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your case is in good hands.

Liable Parties In Truck Accidents

Truck accident cases are not as straightforward as accidents involving only passenger vehicles. Determining liability involves thorough investigation to find all of the underlying causes which were not apparent to the naked eye at the scene of the accident. This often involves violations of state and federal trucking regulations by the trucking company, truck driver and others, and may involve truck or equipment defects. What may seem like a simple case of truck driver negligence may have really been the culmination of many factors such as improper loading, improper hiring practices and inadequate truck maintenance.

Examples of those who may be held liable for your truck accident injuries include:

  • Trucking company, employer or lessee
  • Third party logistics provider (3PL)
  • Freight shipper
  • Freight broker
  • Truck leasing company
  • Third party hired to load truck
  • Manufacturer of defective truck, parts or equipment
  • Seller of defective parts or equipment
  • Third party contracted to perform maintenance or repairs
  • Another negligent driver
  • Truck driver
  • Weigh station or personnel
  • Government entity responsible for design, construction and/or maintenance of defective roadway

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, please do not wait until it is too late to get legal help. Contact Maryland truck accident attorney Patrick D. Troxler, Esq., at 301-264-6072 today or email us right away to schedule your free initial consultation and learn more about how you can recover full compensation for your injuries.

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