Back to School: Pedestrian Safety Tips

pedestrian accidents School zones are meant to keep children safe so parents can feel comfortable with their children biking and walking to and from school each day. This is why you will see bright, blinking yellow lights alerting you to drive slowly in school zones. Multiple crossing guards also ensure children can cross the street safely. But even with signs, lights, and guards, too many students are injured when walking to school. As you send your children back to school this year, utilize these pedestrian safety tips. 

Pedestrian Safety Tips for Your Child

Make Eye Contact With Drivers

When your child is about to cross a crosswalk in front of a vehicle, advise them to make eye contact with the driver before crossing. This means the driver is aware they are there, and your child knows the driver can see them. Sometimes children are injured because they aren’t seen. By making eye contact, the child can make sure they get across the street safely.

No Distractions

If your child carries a phone or wears headphones when they walk to school, alert them that they should not look down at their phones or have both headphones on when walking. They need to be aware of their surroundings so that they do not accidentally walk in front of a vehicle and can be aware of oncoming traffic.

Cross Only When Given the Right of Way

For children who run late or are excited to catch up with their friends, it may seem tempting to cross a crosswalk before they are given the “walk” symbol. Even if they do not see any vehicles, there’s no need to take the risk and cross. Drivers are not expecting children to be in the crosswalk, which could put them at risk.

When the “walk” sign does appear, let them know that they should ensure all vehicles have come to a complete stop before crossing. Even though the light is red and they have the okay to walk, a driver could be distracted and go through a light.

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