Should You Get an Attorney for a Dog Bite?

Personal Injury Lawyer Getting bitten by an animal of any kind can be a frightening experience, even if it’s a dog. This is especially true for any children who may be the victim of a dog attack. So while dogs are generally beloved family pets, other owners improperly caring for their animals can be a threat. What do you do when you or your child becomes the victim of a dog bite? Let’s talk about the legality of a dog bite and when to get a personal injury lawyer.

Who Is Legally Liable?

After an attack, you may be left wondering if getting a lawyer is the best idea. Legal liability can be complicated, and it entirely depends on your state. However, it is generally recommended that you consult a lawyer to discuss the situation, and they can inform you of state liability laws. It all has to do with owner liability when it comes to dog bites.

A good example of this would be looking at Maryland’s laws. In Maryland, general dog bites do fall onto the dog owner as long as they know their dog is aggressive. The owner will have to prove he had no knowledge of the dog being aggressive, and then the injured party will have to prove that lack of reasonable care was used to recover damages.

However, there is a more recent Maryland law that states any owner of a dog “running at large” that attacks someone will be held strictly liable for the damages. This means that no negligence has to be proven by the dog owner. So it makes it far easier to recover damages if you’re attacked by someone’s loose and aggressive dog.

Getting Into Specifics

As you can see, the laws are tailored to the state you reside in. Looking through local laws and trying to figure out the legal jargon can be frustrating at times. That’s why it’s best to work with a personal injury lawyer like Patrick D. Troxler of Voice Law Firm. Mr. Troxler understands the stress of trying to make your way through the maze of legal proceedings and makes it his mission to guide you through everything. So trust experience and results whenever disaster strikes and contact Voice Law Firm at 301-264-6072 today.

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